Prayer for Salvation from Depression


All i ask of you is to take this bitter cup that seems to fill me full of depression.

I know of your mighty strength and power.

You have taken people from the depths of sorrow and anxiety to the highest heights of joy and reverance for YOU and your son, Jesus.

Truly i am hopeful that instead of feeling hopeless, that you fill me with new understanding of how wonderous you are.

How your love is the most important thing to rely on and have faith in….even when it seems that everything is going wrong.

Jesus said to “put down your heavy burden and carry my yoke, for it is much lighter and easier to bare”.

Please Lord, enable me to take your son’s words and actions to heart, soul and mind.

For i lack understanding within my own mind and ways, but i rely on faith in you to be the only way to experience exactly the opposite of what i often fear within myself.

I want to be your humble and dutiful child…and i need your loving embrace and comforts of the Holy Spirit to make me reborn anew in YOU, oh Lord.

I can not do it without you Lord, but i know in my heart that in YOU, ALL things are possible.

Help this to be my awakening call despite what i am bruised and beaten by.

You know of all my true needs…i can only pray you see fit to help me and make me one to know you and love you for your mercy and giving to those who earnestly pray to you.

Your will oh Lord, is what i hope to accomplish.

This is my prayer to you, God.


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