Prayer for salvation for my ex fiancé and reconciliation of our relationship

by Aryanna ()

Father in heaven, I pray for your continued guidance and blessings in my life. It has been 8 years since the breakdown of relationship with my ex fianc due to the influences of the devil. I thank you lord for good friends that have brought the Word of God into my life that lead to my recent salvation.

I pray that you also provide my ex the opportunity to open his heart and accept the Lord Jesus as his saviour. My ex fianc and I are ready for a reconciliation. Please bless those who have helped us and stop those who wish to cause us harm. I pray for the Lord’s help to bring us back together and ensuring that we have a successful relationship.

I pray for our continued faith and relationship with you Father God, and that we keep receiving your continued protection against the devil and his influences. If it be your will, please unite us in holy matrimony and help us live a good Christian marriage.

In the Lord Jesus name, Amen.

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