Prayer for salvation for husband and to restore my marriage back

by Stella (London)

Please pray that the lord will come into my husband’s heart. We are of different faiths and recently my husband has informed me tht he will call off the marriage if I do not practice his faith, he is seriously making trouble with me and his family are putting pressure on him to ask me to go in this respect. My husband tells me he loves , he says he does not want divorce, says he is now praying to see what direction God wants him to take . I love my Jesus and I can not deny him, I cannot also leave my marriage because it is a sin before God, I am waiting on God to show his mercy on me and intervene and restore this marriage, I also pray that my husband exercises the fear of God and that God will minister to him. I pray for my in laws that my lord will visit them . Please remember me in your prayers, lord please restore this marriage to the glory of your name.

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