Prayer for Safe Holistic Home for eldery parents & children & respite for parents and their carers

by Paula (West Sussex England)

Dear Heavenly Father, Jesus, Mary, St Jude and all the Saints, Angels and Higher Beings that come from love. Please facilitate our move to a warm caring country with a medical system and people who honor the elderly and are passionate on identifying cause of ill health at any age and do not label Dementia to one and all and put things down to age. And help me find this beautiful home over looking the sea with friendly village people where we can take care of our parents with help using Gods Herbs and Nutrition in a fun and creative setting. And also to be able to offer the respite for those who care for their elderly and do not want to leave them or put them in traditional homes but need the help and rest themselves whilst their loved ones are being taken care of and loved and get a chance to enjoy them whilst not under strain. And let this home be full of young and old as it should be. Please God if this is your Will allow my sisters to see the sense without fear for what is best for our parents and not what is best for them. Thank you and God bless to all

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