Prayer for Sadness and loneliness

by Kel (Barbados)

Dear God

I was in a relationship with a man whom i thought i would have married…To find out he has another life and a baby on the way with someone else. Eventho this happened i still love him. I feel very confused sad depressed angry and hurt…most of all disappointed.
I think im not good enough or beautiful enough or else this wouldnt happen.
I pray for a wonderful husband chosen by God to love me the way God loves us…unconditionally…with all my flaws.

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  1. Be

    You are beautiful and the man that God has chosen for you will make sure that you know it.Trust in the Lord with all thy heart!Be blessed…

  2. Faith

    You are beautiful enough you are a good person
    He is not for you the Lord has shown you
    Before you Made s mistake
    There are people who deceive
    Do not hate him you forgive him
    But then you forget him and go each day
    With anticipating the good things the Lord has
    For you but Jesus needs you to go to church
    Each Sunday

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