Prayer for rhumatoid arthritis

by Roslyn (Ireland)

Dear lord

You did not give me RA
Something else did. It is called disease.
As my body deteriorates
And as fever and pain become too close companions
With each and every new discovery
That my body gets worse
Knowing there is no cure, only further deterioration,
I thank you Lord for being by my side
Hear me weep with pain, frustration and fear
I thank you for little moments of respite
The incredible joy when the pain abates at times
I thank you for the beauty of nature,
the love of my dogs, scents and colours of the countryside
And i thank you Lord for my memories,
My runs, swims, gardening,walks, DIY
When i could do them.
I was blessed then if I did not appreciate enough.
I never praised you enough for my ability to work hard
before I became ill.
Lord you remained by my side
And you are still there with me today.
Thank you lord for not walking away from me
Thank you for being there for me
In pain as you were before when i was in good health.
Thank you lord that it is I,not my children affected by this horrible disease.
Dear lord I don’t know how I will feel in the morning,
That is if i can sleep all night,
If the pain doesn’t wake me
But I know one thing for sure
Whatever happens tomorrow
You will be there for me
Dear Lord thank you