Prayer for revelation I am on the right path with my divorce and new relationship

by Raouf Zaki ()

My wife of 30 years filed for divorce 14 months ago. Her name is Hana, we have two kids in their 20’s. We had a good marriage but I felt unloved for the past three/four years. I was rejected from her intimately over the past few years and could not understand why. I left the house several times and stayed in hotels to distance myself but was not seeking a mate or anything. Everytime she would apologize and promise to change but nothing changed. She saw me talking to a woman, Monica on the phone that i developed a friendship with. I have not even met Monica in person because she lived in another state. She went to the bank withdrew half of our lives savings and filed for divorce because she accused me of having an emotional affair. I moved out of state and joined Monica whom I love very much and who loves me back and who is Christian who prays with me a lot. However, my mother and my relatives have shunned us completely and my kids whom Hana told I was cheating on her are not talking to me either. I pray to God for the past few months to reveal to me the truth. Through several dreams I had after incessant prayer i dreamt my marriage has ended and that I should be with Monica, I still have doubts because I AM NOT SURE IF THIS IS WHAT GOD INTENDED. I hope you pray for me for final revelation and discernment and peace in whatever happens next.

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