Prayer for reuniting my husband and me, Save our Marriage

by Marie (Boston,MA USA)

Dear St. Jude You have always been there when I needed our help to Pray for me. St. Jude good friend of Christ Jesus our savior, Please pray for me, Pray for My husband and my marraige to not break or end. Pray to the holy Father God that he reunites us once again soon.

Please ask God to end our separation and bring him home to me again. St Jude Please pray and petition for my to God that my Husband, my partnerreturn home to me, that the evil, wicked force that is keeping him away from me, our son and our home be crushed by the glory of God and that his heart be healed and by the grace of the holy spirit, God fills his heart with love for me again.

Pray for me that the separation, the crack on our wall, the snares of this demon which out to destroy marriage be stopped and banished away in the name of Jesus our savior. St. Jude my Holly saint I earnestly ask this of you. Pray that my marriage does not fail and me and my husband be reunitied in new love by the grace of God soon again.

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