Prayer for reuniting me with my love

by Micah (Glasgow Kentucky)

Heavenly Father I come to you in prayer because you are the only one who Can help me, I pray for the reuniting of me and my one true love, I have been through so much with him and the last three years have bot been easy for me and him I feel he has given up having faith in me and I need for you to remind him of all I did for him.

and the support I gave him and listening to everything he wants to talk about that is important to him, I have been there for him and have dedicated my life to being there for him I always keep you in my thoughts when he’s down. And have prayed for him I’m asking you Father to reunite him and me and let the love I feel for him grow in his heart for me and please let me be in his thoughts everyday, and my thoughts of him overwhelm him every night in his dreams.

please let me be in his thoughts even in his dreams please Father I pray with all the faith I have left in me that he will return to me and reach out to me and remember what he means to me and I to him. I pray this in you name,

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