Prayer for reunite my husband

by Lynda (New Jersey)

The post 2 years our marriage and life had many difficulties. 2012 we were displaced in our home for 11 months and. Lost most of our inventory with our business due to the hurriance. Then at that time my year son began to start being very difficult . Then the last year my husband was father was dying , so his mother was calling everyday for him to come back . The mother refused to meet me after me and my husband have been together

16 years . Then he went this Dec 1 and this Dad past dec 31. He called me Christmas and said he wasn’t coming back even if his Dad died he has to stay with his Mom. Then I find out his Mom fix him up with another girl . My husband left us. Me with our business but not really helping. I am losing every thing our business our home because of him leaving me like that . I ask him if he come back in April and help for one month and then return to mother . His mother said she will kill herself if he comes back to me. I prayer for help with this difficult things, marriage, interfence, business, Proctection. For home family and business.

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