Prayer for Restoring Our Marriage

I need a miracle in my marriage. Nothing less will do. Please, lord, restore the love for me in my husband’s heart. Remove the prideful and lying spirit that has caused destruction.

Save him from the adulterous woman and give me favor with him above all others. Give him an overwhelming desire to come home and be the husband that You’ve called him to be.

Place a hedge of thorns around him and keep him from those who would try to bring division. Bring unity once again. Open his eyes to the lies of the enemy and soften his heart. Bring him home quickly, Lord, even tonight. The enemy has had him long enough.

Please help me, Father, my heart is breaking . I know you hate divorce and according to this petition I will not take no for an answer. Send a host of angels to do battle in the spiritual realm so my husband will walk out of the enemy’s camp and come home where he belongs.

In Jesus Name, Amen!