Prayer for Restoring my Relationship

by Shimon Salve ()

My name is Shimon and I have been in an amazing relationship for the past 6 years with a beautiful girl named Prerna. Being with her I have seen amazing moments to flourish for a lifetime and even the darkest days. But still due to the Grace of God we have crossed all the hurdles together. She has been a survivor of depression and anxiety/panic disorder and I have seen all pain and suffering she has been through and I believe that she has been healed by blood of our Savior Jesus Christ. We had all the plans of getting married real soon. Due to her past, she has been experiencing severe anxiety and moments of uncertainty in life which make things bad for her. As the lockdown due to the COVID-19 outbreak started, we stopped meeting and spending time together. This distance has caused terrible levels of anxiety and uncertainty in her that she not ready to accept the fact that she can get married. It is just the fear of the unknown which is not being able to help her think straight. She is just avoiding me and pushing me back saying she does not want to ruin my life because of her uncertainty. We both deeply love each other a lot, I am broken and have been depressed for a while because of this abandoning behavior of her’s. My prayer to the God Almighty through our Savior Jesus is to open the doors of her heart and release all the fears from her and get her back to me. Staying without her has become difficult as she has reduced all sorts of communication with me. Need prayer for restoring my relationship with Prerna and her deliverance from all the mental health issues. Its the touch of our savior Jesus Christ that can save my relationship and heal our brokenness.


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