Prayer for Restoring Love

by Yee (Canada)

Dear Lord, I come to you today with a heavy and broken heart. My love of almost two years told me that he no longer loves me and put our relationship to an end.

Lord, thank you for blessing me with his love for these two years. You gave me his love when I was going through difficult times and trials. Thank you for allowing us to be compatible in so many ways, and letting us solve our rare disputes with love and kindness. You allowed me to see abd believe in true love and I have so thankful for that.

Oh Lord, please open his heart with love and lead him to the path of love with your light. My heart is filled with love for him and I hope that I will be able to love him again. Please remind him of my worth and the reasons why he loves me. Please Lord, let him see your blessings.

Lord, my heart is heavy and it hurts so much. Please guide us with your light to a path of love for us both eternally. Please open his heart so that he may see and believe in your presence as he once did in his life. Please let him remember the goodness of his heart and your love.

Please Lord, please listen to my prayer and answer with love. I love him and I want to be able to open my heart again to him with the love you taught me to give. Please bring him to believe in your power and to learn how to love as the bible says. Please allow me to have strength in this journey and to be strong enough to wait for your work in him to be done.

Thank you so much my Lord. Please open his heart quickly and lead his love back to me with your power. Thank you Lord for blessing me with him and please allow me to be blessed with him again eternally. Please lead him with your light and may he too learn to believe in your strength and the power of your love!