Prayer for restoring and creating a stronger marriage


Dear Lord,

I ask for forgiveness for neglecting my marriage. I have taken for granted the gift of my soul mate and best friend. I have avoided responsibilities and have spoken in anger. I hurt him deeply.
In turn, he has responded in anger and sought attention outside of the marriage. I ask that you guide him back to his family. Please protect him from self destructive behaviors.
I am working on making my marriage and my spouse my priority and fixing myself. I have suffered for a very long time and need help recreating a stronger marriage.
I don’t know how much strength I have left. I am in need of some hope and ask that my husband returns to the marriage quickly. I accept the lessons I have learned and understand I need to be a better wife.
I am at your mercy and believe in the vow I took 21 years ago.
Please forgive me for my sins and bring me comfort and a stronger marriage.

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