Prayer for restored friendship

My Best Friend is having a secret affair with someone she believes she is in love with. We have never lied to eachother and have told eachother many difficult things but she will not talk to me about her feelings. The man is an old highschool friend. Unfortunately I know for sure this is happening. She had since reached

Out To another friend in this case that seems to be okay with infidelity. In truth, this hurtthe most. She has lied to me countless times, to my face, and makes me feel like I have a trust issue. I love her so much and she has done so many things to help me in my life. I really need her to tell me to save our friendship but my biggest hope is that she will come to her senses, this man is also married. She has officially picked him over me after 12 years of supporting each other. I miss her and want to be there for her and wish she would open up to me so I can release that I know of her infidelity and dishonesty. Without her I will be a fragment of myself.