Prayer for Restoration/New Beginnings

Currently I find myself here, at home, I recently broke my foot at a new job, so am mostly housebound. It’s healing though, It gave me time to think.

I am engaged to a beautiful lady, I feel very in love and loyal to her yet we are apart as I need to arrange a visa for her to come and be with me. We know each other very well and have spent several months together previously and been in constant communication over three years, yet its over a year since we have been together even though I call her everyday and we are still in love. She is really a good person. Great. I really need a car, a sudden influx of money (around $10,000 or more would be great, and a steady ongoing income that is more than enough for me and my future family and that it comes to me/us in a happy way:) I also plan to move and start fresh in a new location.

I have place in mind but definitely need a car to live there as well as to travel and research places, houses, neighborhoods etc. It’s the type of area I would need a car. I also need to attract and be around the right and best people who are understanding and helpful to me.

I would like all of these things to happen as soon as possible. So This is my be helped with these things. Money, a car, to be with my fiance/wife, to have a higher steady income that comes in a happy way and to find and live in the happiest location and house for myself and my future family, and to attract the right good understanding people who can and do help me in the best most harmonious way. This is what I ask assistance with and is my prayer request. Thank you.Peter

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