prayer for restoration

Heavenly father I’m coming to you with an open heart. How many times have I failed many times have I sinned against you. For these I humbling ask you for forgiveness. Give me the courage to accept your forgiveness so I will no longer be a victim of my sins.

There have been so many obstacles in our way that prevent us from true happiness. Lord I ask you to remove these obstacles and restore our relationship to what it was. Bind our love and let no weapons or negativity formed against us prosper. Lord open up our eyes mouth & ears to learn to communicate effectively & let us learn to be patient with each other and learn to put our egos aside and humble ourselves to each other.

Lord I beg off thee that your remove all the negative ppl around us so we can restore our relationship. Heavenly father wherever ricardo may be at moment let him reflect upon the good time we share and whenever we see each may it bring joy to his heart. When we return back each let this Union be unbreakable. These things I ask and I thank you for. Amen

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