prayer for restoration, protection, and long life

Dear God, I pray that you forgive me and my family of everything that we done knowingly and unknowly thatbis prevent you from blessing us. God, anyone that has crossed my life and stolen my husband who was destined by you, I pray that you remove my husband from their live and plsce me in my life. I pray that wherever my God given husband is, Lord I abort the plans of the enemies to keep him away from me. May you unite us in Jesus name against the the wishes of my enemies. Anyone, who wishes death upon my moyhet’s life, may you oh Lord eliminate them instead from the surface of the earth in Esus nMe. I bind every work of the enemy upon my family In Jesus name. Lord, grants us this prayer request by exposing our enemies in broad day light and give us victory over every ochestration of the enemy upon my faily’s lives in Jesus name. Lord grant me my marriage this year, extend my parents luves to old old age, grant my sis and her family and my brother happiness in Jesus name. Let my brother change for beer in Jesus name. Remove the smiles from our enemies faces by granting us victory over evety area of our lives in Jesus name. Amen!!!