Prayer for Restoration of relationship and family.

by TA (London)

My prayer.

I would like to pray for Gods favour, forgiveness and wisdom. 2012 the father of my child left me and said that he no longer wanted a relationship with me. I prayed and fasted for most of the the year and we got back together May 2013.

I believe that it was Gods intervention that brought us back together. During the Christmas break I was sad, I didn’t argue with him but I was very quite. Through this, he then told me on New Year’s Eve that he longer wanted to be with me and that I did not make him happy. That was the most unsettling news I could have received. I believe that I had become complacent with my relationship with God and during my brief relationship with my ex partner. I would like God to forgive me for not studying the Word as strongly as I did prior to getting back with my ex.

When I was praying for restoration I was thirsting for God. I think through getting back with him I became relaxed in my relationship with God. I am of the belief that it was Gods will to restore the relationship but I do not believe that God would grant me my desire and than take it from me for me to be back in the dark place I was in in 2012. So I am asking God to forgive me.

To please forgive me for any sins I have carried out, aware or unaware. And please if it is Gods will then please restore my relationship with the intention of marriage. I think I know God believes in the family unit.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for praying for me. I am asking for the above on Gods name.

God bless you.