Prayer for Restoration of our Love for one another

by Jackie (San Marcos, Texas)


Please restore the faith, love, and trust my love and I shared not so long ago. Heal the moments that split our world apart and bind satan from conversations from family members who have decided we do not belong together. Lord, I love this man with all of my heart.

Please show him how to forgive. Help me to be patient and to wait for him to come back to me on your time. I was ungrateful so please forgive me and from now forward, grant me the ability to have an attitude of gratitude. Bring people into our lives that love and support us rather than bring us down.

Be our rock and heal us in the ways that make us great at being partners. Thank you, Father, for your Son, Jesus. And in his name, I offer up my prayers to and embrace your love and kindness.
Your loving child,