Prayer for restoration of my marriage and the softening of my Wife’s hardened heart!

by Roy (Texas)

Please dear God reunite me with my loving wife Yvonne, Even thouhh she has left me and has had numerous affairs I forgive her. Please help her find her way back to me and do not allow those who try to decieve her any victory.

Those men who provide her comfort are temporary and do not have the bond that my Wife and I have. Lord I forgave her years ago as she bear a child of another man, I have raised the child as mine. We have had many good years in our marriage of 18 years. God remind her of those years and the possibility if reunited many more awesome years. This all can be done if we keep you in our lives. Our seperation has destroyed our children, our family and our friends. Please God with your loving heart restore us as individuals and resore our family and restore our marriage.

God I know there is feelings in her heart since she has threatened me with divorce but has yet to this point proceed with it. It has been over a year and I know our hearts hurt.

Please God through Mercy provide me comfort by giving me my family and wife back and restoring as one. In your loving grace I pray, thank you Almighty God!

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