Prayer for restoration of my family

by Keyla ()

Please help me,this situation needs to change, I cried every time I go to Mass because I can not receive Jesus.:My name is Keyla I’m 39 years old, and almost 19 years I have had a child with a man I love to this day, split over I still love him, I prayed a lot for the restoration of my familly, the release of drinks, and his conversion, please intercede for us, for almost two months I devoted myself to the Virgin because I am part of the Legion of Mary, I am auxiliar.I whant serve the Lord properly without hurting the Sacred Heart of Jesus with my sins, I can not stay with him so without getting married, and be without the Eucharist, we are still together and realize how much he loves me, I pray that put our names in prayer because I can not stand this situation, God and Mary bless you ever more, Amen

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