Prayer for Restoration of my dad’s depression

by KF (Philippines)

My dad has went into depression and hurt my mom in all ways possible. Everyone said the marriage was beyond repair. Every day, us, kids, would have to put on a brave front to be with my mom while dad tries hard to hit her. It was easy to give up, to take our mom away, and leave my dad and hate him. But through prayers, we peresevered.

Fast forward to now, 3 years from that incident,there’s still 5 of us at home, happily eating and waking up together everyday. 2 years ago, dad just woke up and his anger was gone. No meds, no counseling. Just him and an answered prayer from God.

Thank you, Lord, for never letting us give up. It was Your work of restoration that keeps us together. Life at home is still not perfect but with You, everything is fine. Thank you,St. Jude, for running to our Lord to utter my prayer. I am a sinner and you, helping me pray through your holy mouth made it stronger.

Praise be to God and thanks, St. Jude.

To anyone, persevere in prayer. I am going through something now that needs His restoration but I know if I keep on praying and doing His will, the answer will come in His time. God bless you all and never lose hope. God loves us all equally no matter how tainted we are.