Prayer for restoration of marriage

by Jennie (37216)

Lord, my new husband is crumbling under the pressure of trying to maintain two households right now. This week-end, he broke down under the pressure and told me that he thought it would be best if we parted and went our separate ways. He was struggling under the load of trying to get his house ready to sell and my house in the country ready to fix up. Lord, he is 70 and cannot continue to struggle. He said he loves me but cannot continue on like this. Father, I fell apart and have cried off and on continuously, even though he later told me he did not mean what he said, he was just upset. Father, I feel that my trust has been breached and I am afraid he is going to crumble again and this time the marriage will break. I love him, Father. Please change his heart and help him to see that his words were so hurtful to me. Father, help me to help him. Divorce is a grievous sin to you, Father. Please help him. I love him deeply and we both love each other very much. Father, please rebuke Satan from this relationship. In Jesus name, I pray.

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