Prayer for Restoration of Marriage Between my WIfe and I

by Mario (Tallahassee,FL)

Dear Lord, my marriage is in trouble. We have only been married for 2 years. I promised never to do the one thing and I failed. My wife has lost all trust in me and she doesn’t know what to do. She wants to leave Christ.

Lord now I see the light. Now I see the path which I’m supposed to take. Why did I have to wait for this to happen for my eyes to open. How I am supposed to continue without my other half.

Jesus, I am afraid it is too late. That I won’t get a last chance. God if I could take the hurt away I would. I pray that this may be a test and streghten our marriage even more. That with this hurt which I have caused may bring us closer to Christ.

Oh Lord, so many marriages have failed due to the devils stronghold. Abba Father, help us win this battle. Let it be your will, don’t let the devil have another victory in destroying another marriage.

Father I leave it in your hands. I pray that my wife may have a fighting heart, a desire to not give up, and that she may trust me again. Oh Lord, whatever decision you decide, give us both strengh. Holy Spirit rain down on us, help us win this battle. For now I know what I need to do. Forgive me Maria..