Prayer For Restoration of Love

by Clyde Senatin (Los Angeles, CA)

Dear God, please help me, i am in desperate need of your help, me and my girlfriend have been dating for a year and almost 3 months and she has lost interest in her feelings towards me, I desperately love her so much and she means the whole world to me, I have been praying recently and you have helped me, i’m sorry for discontinuing to pray and i will now pray continuously. Please guide my girlfriends mind to staying with me forever and eternity, also please fulfill our hearts and restore our love back to where it was before, please change her mind to not break up with me stay with me forever and that she will love me like before. I only want her in my life,no one else, I believe she is my soulmate and i commit my life to her, she means everything to me, I was very lonely and she brought life to my heart and she was the light of my life. I believe that she is the woman of my dreams, and that we will be together for eternity, please help me as i’m praying for your guidance and miracles. I’m very sorry for my sins and all i have done wrong, please help me with this miracle and restore our relationship God. Amen.

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