Prayer for Restoration of Love, Relationship, Marriage and Family

by Elizabeth (USA)

Give in me all the qualities and characteristics that I need to have to be a place of peace rest and comfort for Travis that I would be a place of refuge for him and not his movies–as ridiculous as that may sound

Break down all the walls of resistance within him and around him that are keeping him from experiencing unspeakable joy.release unspeakable joy on to him Lord Father Free him of his depression strengthen him Lord that his chaotic mind not wear him out emotionally any longer. That the resistance would be destroyed the yoke of oppression lifted the chains of injustice broken and hed be able to give and receive love from me fully. I believe Father God that You never meant for him to be alone. I believe that You love the home-the family unit-that You want Travis to experience the unconditional love of a wife and to have Anita see and experience the family unit as you meant it to look. I ask for the restoration of our love, relationship, marriage and family.