Prayer For Restoration of Health, Finances and Happiness.

by Stephen (Bridgnorth United Kingdom.)

Dear Father in Heaven, I am fearful, I know you say that in you I can Trust but Dear Father my life has been a series of trials and I am coming to the end of my ability to suffer. I have lost so much, So Father in Heaven I come to you in the name of your Son Jesus Christ Of Nazareth, Knowing that you are all powerful, Omnipotent and Loving I ask you and believe that this will be done for me as you have promised, I tell you now to restore all that I have lost or has been stolen from me. I tell you Father to restore my health according to your promise. I tell you Father to restore to me all my finances lost stolen and taken by stealth and trickery, I tell you Holy Father to restore to me all that has been taken by the Devil, My Happiness, My Health and My Finances. Restore this to me Now, I prayer in fear and anxiety for the future of my family and myself. I know this prayer will be answered because I recognise you as MY one and only true Father. In the name of Jesus The Christ my Lord and Saviour, I pray in agreement with those who will pray with me. I ask for your forgiveness Lord, I have forgiven all those who have wronged me and I hold no hatred in my heart for anyone. Thank you God for hearing my prayer, I praise you for you are worthy of all praise I scream Hallelujah and Praise be to God the father in Heaven. In Jesus Christs Holy name I Pray Amen to Amen.

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