Prayer for Restoration of Family

(Lagos, Nigeria)

Thank you Father for creating homes and families Gen 2:18.

Many are hurting, Father, we plead the blood of Jesus. Bring about forgiveness and healing

For the many ways we have failed in our relationships have mercy.

Many weapons have been fashioned but tonight we decree that they will no longer prosper. We condemn every tongue rising up in judgement against our homes. Isaiah 54:17

Tonight Father, station your angels in every home. Where there is war, let peace reign. Give wisdom Lord. Cause all to focus on you. Teach all to do what is right. We come against every thing causing couples to turn their backs on each other. We destroy tokens, altars, pride, ego. We bind every spirit contrary to your will and decree a planting of the fruit of and yielding to your spirit.

Thank you Lord. Amen

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