Prayer for restoration of faith In God

by Ombug (Essex UK)

Heavenly Father I come before You and seek your grace, comfort and love. I have lost faith, hope and trust in you. I am questioning your existence and your purpose in my life. I can not communicate my inner belief to you. My senses and deeper insight are not focusing on you. I am not moved by either your word as contained in the Bible or the creation which is around me. I find no pleasure in reading your word.

I do not enjoy hearing or participating in anything which is done to praise you or your name. Help me to discover you anew. Let me put this prayer in the name of Jesus, who you chose to wash our sins. I do not want to feel guilty for any sin or sins I may have committed. I seek to draw understanding and peace from your presence. I do not hear you call me. I request that you renew my faith and guide me to listen to your voice. I am now deaf to your voice. Help me this day> God Almighty I want to know you,

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