Prayer for restoration for my hurt and dying marriage

by Amy (Florida)

Heavenly Father I pray for my husband Bill, myself and my marriage. I surrender my my life and my marriage into your hands to change all of our circumstances to bring glory and honor to you.

I ask for your divine intervention to soften Bill’s heart and to have him come to his senses and escape from the trap of the enemy and to turn Bills heart and life back home to his wife. I decree and declare and come against the relationship between Bill and the other woman.

I break off any success in their relationship. I bind and cast off the spirits of separation, divorce, disobedience, rebellion, ungodly soul ties, lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh, pride of life, disunity, adultery, temptation, lies, twisting of words, and oppression from Bill now in the name and through the blood of Jesus.

I loose the Holy Spirit to heal the pain from the past, to erase bad memories and replace only with the good memories. I loose a love that covers all, the truth of Gods word, the desire to forgive, love, live, peace, laughter and a joy filled spirit. God I ask you to restore this marriage that you have ordained.

I ask that your healing touch overcomes all the barriers that Satan has put up to kill, steal and destroy from this marriage. I renounce every demonic spirit that has penetrated through me or my husband Bill, causing havoc in our relationship.

I pray that you speak to my husband Bill and give him a spiritual breakthrough. Line up Bill’s will with your will God, line up his thoughts with your thoughts. Transform my husband Bill, bring him back to you and to his wife Amy.

Show Bill that you are the Truth, the Way and the Light to send him on his path home to his wife Amy. Therefore I will block Bill’s path with thorn bushes. I will wall bill in so Bill can’t find his way. Bill shall chase after his lovers but not catch them, Bill will look for them but not find them. Then Bill will say I will go to Amy for i was better off then than now. Gods word says what i have joined together let no man put asunder. I cancel every ill word spoken in the atmosphere over my marriage and against reconciliation. I declare a. reverse right now in the name of Jesus. As the word of God says I will reap sevenfold for what Satan has stolen, he will repay what the locust have eaten. I command every spirit of resistance to unity to flee from this marriage and couple in the name of Jesus.

A three fold cord can not be broken. I stand on this word as I continue to hold onto you, oh Father the battle is yours and you are my victory. Holy Spirit I ask you to seal this prayer. Thank you Father that your word does not return to you void.

I speak those things that are not as though they were, i will see the manifestations of this prayer from the spiritual realm to the physical realm. I plead the blood of Jesus over this marriage and over Bill and Amy I thank you God for loving us and being for us.

You are truly an awesome God. Thank you for your healing touch in my marriage and for my husband . I believe you are making and molding him to be a mighty man of God.

Thank you for restoring in my marriage and the reconciliation between Amy and Bill. You are a God who performs miracles and I believe you are performing one in restoring this marriage. I pray that Bill will seek out his wife to show her tenderness, kindness, forgiveness, understanding and most of all love.

I give you all the praise and glory! In Jesus name and through the blood of Jesus

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