Prayer for restoration, deliverance, favour and God’s grace

by Yoyo (Limpopo, South Africa)

Dear God,

I ask for your mercy, your grace, favour and protection in my family and home. My marriage has been in trouble for a long time. My husband has been cheating for four years out of the five years we’ve been married. He has a child outside the marriage as old as my first born. He accepted a job far from where we (myself and the kids) stay. We relocated close to him, 45 minutes drive.

He has been dating some woman since 2010 who happens to be a sangoma. He now stays with that woman, who had a child when she was a teenager by another man. I caught them red handed last month. He vists us once a month and only stays for 1 day. He can’t spend more that two hours with us, he rather go to parties or night clubs and return around 2am.Whenever he talks to me, he talks with anger.

When he sees my face, he just gets angry. He’s physically abusive. I’ve decided that I won’t fight him, ause he doesn’t act normal. He has a good job, but most of the time he says that he doesn’t have money. The kids couldn’t attend creche this year as he didn’t have money. When I ask to stay with him, he refuses. I asked him to go for deliverance, but he refuses. He does everything for that woman, whom he’s been supporting finicially, since he never had a job and only has matric; while he neglects us.

whenever he’s angry he tells me that he wants a dirvorce and that he doesn’t love me. I’ve been going for deliverance, but it’s very tough. I’m currently in-between jobs. When I was working, I gave him my money and did everything for him; but now he neglects and abuses me. I pray for God to bless me with a god job.

I pray for Gods’ deliverance, restoration, grace and favour for my family near and far. I pray for God to deliver my mother-in-law. She has diabetes which has made her blind. She also has ulcer, which gets worse when she takes her diabetes medication. I pray for my son, who gets sick every second week. I pray tht God will strengthen him and cover both my children with the blood of Jesus. He’s brilliant for his age, but he’s got problem with his speech. I pray for protectioon and restoration in finances, marriage, home, family, business and all areas of my life. God is in control.

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