Prayer for Restoration and healing

( Perth Western Australia )

Restoration and healing of my marriage
My wife left said that she would be back in an Hour I kissed our four children she said she was going to pay the rent I haven’t seen my children since it’s been over five months I’ve since learnt she’s pregnant with our fifth child due in approximately 15 weeks there has been no adultery or violence I have no idea where my wife and children are I’m unable to contact her we are both Christians and I family believe in the covenant of marriage this has brought me close to God he has brought me comfort through this and I have learnt to trust him and lean on him however I desperately wish my marriage to be restored and healing to come to my wife’s heart we have both been baptised in the spirit however my wife I believe is on well with psychosis I desire to be there for her especially at the time of our child’s birth as I have been there for the previous four births to pray over each child I have no hatred or animosity towards my wife in fact I love her even more I have learnt that God must be in the centre of everything I do and I asked for people to pray for our marriage I don’t know if my wife has turned her back on the church but she had no biblical reason to leave for this reason I cannot divorce I will honour my vowels I ask the holy spirit to be upon her and my children and that our marriage speaks as a testimony to God’s glory and the forgiveness that comes from Christ our Lord and saviour I love my wife I miss her I love my children and miss them dearly there is nothing that is happened that God cannot fix but I am not willing to compromise my relationship with God as I grow closer and closer to him every day and I draw on the holy spirit comfort and strength and I rest knowing that Jesus has paid the ultimate price therefore I know healing and restoration is possible