Prayer for restoration and healing of my relationship with the father of my daughter

by Ana (Miami)

Dear Lord everyone is telling me to give up on Esau and our relationship that I cant force him to be with me and the kids. That I deserve better. YOu more than anything know what my heart desires and you are listening to my prayers. Even though the situation look hard right now and I’m hurting something in my heart is telling me not to give up. You say ask and you should receive.

I ask for the restoration of my family for Esau to fall deeply in love with me to disregards all thought of separation and for you to take all temptation away from his life, bring Godly friends and advisor into his life. Please work in his life and salvation for him to get to know you in a deeply way that no matter what the enemy trying to do in his life he can fight it and overcome it because he has you in his life..

I cant change him Lord you are the onl…y one that can. only 2 days for my daughter to be born and things look harder than before is like the enemy is trying really hard to destroy my family and make me give up on you but that is not going to happen because with you dear Lord with you all things are possible.

Please change me make me the women you want me to be, the mother, the sister, the daughter the friend and the partner that i need to be. Help me be a messanger of your word and your love and please dear God restore my family I know you are the only one that can . Amen