Prayer for restoration and healing in relationship with signicant other

by Alicia C. Wood (Hinesville, GA.)

Dearest and most gracious Heavenly Father,

I come to you as humbly as I know how. I submit this prayer to you sincerely and honestly. I ask right now; that you heal, repair, and restore my relationship with my boyfriend/future husband. We have been together and unified for almost 3 years. You have helped us to stand strong and weather the few storms that have come our way victoriously. Lord God, I pray that you will continue to help us maintain our love, devotion, and commitment, to one another. May we continue to seek you first in all of our individual and collective decisions. I ask that you mold my partner into the mate and husband that he needs to be for me —especially spiritually. He is a good man with a good heart, but sometimes, he forgets to acknowledge you as he should. Help him to completely obtain that heart knowledge of you and seek a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ—so that we as a unit can move forward, flourish, and be continually blessed by God. Due to his service as a Navy sailor—our physical bond is separate most of the time; however—you have kept us strong and in tune with each other –through distance. I ask that our unity be preserved, repaired, and restored. Bless our spiritual, emotional, romantic, and eventually matrimonial connectivity. May we progress as a couple –with you as the constant head of our lives. I pray that all forms of temptation, opposition, demonic forces–be dismantled and take no root in our lives. In everything may we consistently and continuously remember your love as we mature in our love for each other. In Christ Jesus name I pray–and offer YOU DEAR GOD AND HIM (OUR SAVIOR)–ALL HONOR, LOVE, THANKS, PRAISE, AND GLORY.


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