prayer for restoration and forgivness

by Gerald (Ca)

Please pray for me. I have taken the prayerful faithful stubborn for good position to allow God to move in my wife’s transformation & healing in his own time. I have stood strong and the tide is shifting to our favor.

I need God to step in and clear all obstacles, guilt, fear, illogical thinking, irrational behavior, adulterous situation and all demonic forces that are trying to confuse and destroy her. We’ve been married 5 years with a wonderful life. The devil and his ugly bunch of losers have interfered and tried to destroy our marriage.

I need others to stand in agreement before God with me proclaiming and permanently removing all evil spirits, instruments for bad, demonic forces, bad people, the devil and any and all bad spirits that have and are trying to destroy our marriage. We are forgiven to forgive. I have forgiven an enormously painful hurt she caused.

I need my wife to have a revelation and understanding that is from God that boldly motivates, influences, causes her to come home unwounded and free . I need his divine influence in situations & circumstances to persuased her to forgive and live in his loving ways.

To loose upon her clarity and passion to do what is right swiftly. Severing her from the current situation and harmful things then turn her path to home. I believe God has more power than any interfering factor. Please pray a hedge of thorns around her. Thank you and may God bless each of you generously praying on our behalf.

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