Prayer for restoration and desperation

Most Holy Apostle, St. Jude pray me in my time of need. One week ago today my friendship with someone I care for deeply came to an end. The destruction of our friendship came about because of lies we both told, and as a result I wanted to hurt him and I wanted him to experience how deeply I was hurting.

I reacted instead of praying and did things that he could never imagine to cause him great pain. I regret ever doing so, I have lost a good friend and I am seeking to have our friendship restored. I don’t know what to do or to fix this situation. Please pray for me in my time of desperation to have my friendship with George S. Restored. I miss him and want him back in my life. I only wished that I would’ve reacted to his lies differently and not behave in such poor manner. Whenever I needed anything he was there for me and stood by my side at the hospital for over 12 hours. I pray that God will touch his heart and remove any anger he is feeling towards me as I have let go of my anger for him. Please send him back to me with a new heart and spirit.

Thank you, in Jesus name I pray.


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