Prayer for resources to live

Loving heavenly father, God of Love, God of Mercy, My living God, God of creation, Thanks for giving salvation and made me an adopted son of you by paying such a high amount.

Thanks for joining me to your family. Thanks for removing from death and your continuous guidelines to reach the eternal life and to rejoice with you.
Thanks for making me to obey you continuously. Thanks for making me to do everything at the will of you.

My great God, I am in the tremendous difficulty of not having money in hand. You have changed my life completely. I am so rich person in the hands of my rich father my saviour Jesus. I had all the money, facility, prestige, power, all elgigbilities. I have lost all.

You made me to realise the value of money, wherein I spent all the money lavishly. My Lord, you taught me everything new after newly born. I always obey you, and I understand your words and warnings. I need the money, which I have earnt but it is in others hand and not released to me. And also you have blessed me with good education and experience.

Help me Lord, to get out of this worst situation, help me to get money completely which is a big money pending, and all my resources to live in this earthly life is exasusted and no way further. Help me to get new job as blessed by you with highest facilities. Help me to worship you, to pray you, to sing songs for you, to praise you, to serve you as co worker for the plans of you.

Give me the peace of mind, prosperity and happyness for me and my family. Thanks for all the great things you have done in my life.I touch your feet and weeping with love and pain and I am crying. Give me the strength to face all the testings and situations.

Help me to be as your representative and your ambassador for ever. With the infinite trust, that I have got all the above with your grace and blessings, saying thanks for everything, I pray in the highly precious name, and my saviour name of Jesus Christ. Amen…Amen…Amen…

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