Prayer for resolution of a complicated relationship to become uncomplicated and for my boyfriend to marry me and take me and my child into his family as his wife and his child.

by Single Mom Ready For Marriage (South Africa)

Father God i greet you with love and gratitude. Thank you for guiding me to this site. Please forgive me for mistakes that i have made in the past. Wrong choices mostly when it came to relationships. I have a child outside of marriage. He is so precious to me. I am seeing a man whom I love very much. We are very compatible. He has not resolved his former relationship from which he has 2 kids. We are together now for almost three years. I’m asking for special prayers so that he can make up his mind and marry me, accept my child as his own and bring his 2 kids to live with us and we can all live together as a happy family. Because I love him and respect him I am prepared to take care of his kids as my own. I love them already, I am so tired of being alone and raising a child alone. I would so much want to be a loving, caring , wise and obedient wife who honors my husband as the head of the family. Lord please bring us all together as one family in you. I thank you for your Grace and please if it is not supposed to be him, please bring me his eqivalent. We need a husband and a father who can take us into his fold and take care of us. We are grateful and ready in Jesus holy and merciful name. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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