Prayer For Research Publication, Exam and Job

by Aloka (Melbourne)

Heavenly Father, I am struggling to publish a research this time having no idea what to do and how to do. I really want to publish a research and do a Phd. But all doors are closed to me at the moment unfortunately. Jesus, help me in publish a scientifically proven research that will help me for my future studies and progress in employment. Pray for me to pass my Msc in IT examination with high distinctions without any obstacles.

I am struggling to find a job in IT field at the moment. Help me to find a job and pass though interviews in Bohemia interactive like a miracle you bring to my life.

God, help me in my studies all way, support me, guide me and make my mind clear give strength and take way all negative life style and thoughts. Make my English perfect like native and open doors in my life to go to success.

I love you and Thanks you,

Jesus’s name, Amen…

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