Prayer for Renewed Faith

by Betty J ()

Blessed Sacred Heart of Jesus, you have asked me to trust in you. I try to trust you unconditionally , but my faith is weak .Because of the countless times that you have showed yourself strong in my life, I know that I should trust you implicitly. But try as I might, my faith continues to waver. Please help me to strengthen my weak faith. One day I am hopeful and trusting that you are working things out for my good, the next day, I slip back full of doubts, letting negativity overwhelm me. I am so tired of my weak faith. I talk to my children about trusting in God but when it comes to me, I cannot practise what I preach. Lord, how does one go about building the kind of faith that Job, Abraham ,Mary and other holy people of the Bible exhibited? Sacred Heart of Jesus, please teach how to wait on you patiently. Teach me how to submit to your will gracefully and not grudgingly. I pray for others like me who have difficulty in letting go and letting God take charge over our lives. Finally Lord, I praise you for your mercy and protection. I thank you for restoring to me that which was taken from me. Thank you Sacred Heart of Jesus for your unconditional love.

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