Prayer for Renewal of relationship

Please help me in this urgent need. I am desperate for God’s help. I had prayed to every saint. Attended every Novena in church for six months asking to send the person in my life to whom I should get married. I prayed night and day for it for six months. There was not one day when I didnt cry in front of the Blessed Sacrament.

Finally my prayers were answered and I got engaged. Now after six months my fiance has suddenly said that he does not want to marry me saying that he is not ready for a married life. He is too scared to take it up. he is not understanding what married life will be. I am very depressed. He says even God has no power to change his mind.

I am still very confident that God will help me and he will change my fiance’s mind only on the basis that when I was going through the toughest phase in my life God came and rescued me. I still feel that God sent the right person seeing me struggling.

Please intercede to Jesus to change my fiance ‘s mind.If he was not the right person God would have let me struggled for another few days instead of sending the wrong person in my life. My family and his family has given up hope.

But I trust in the Lord because I feel that my faith in him will win. He will not let me down