prayer for renew our relationship

by Sarita (New Delhi)

Dear heavenly farther I come to you today to ask of you to renew and repair my relationship with a men that I love so much , lord I am frustrated and angry with the way I feel , I have been praying for a long time and feel so empty and alone with this problems of my life , lord I ask of you to please remove the dark from a special men in my life , he is hard and feel nothing for me , I am so afraid to walk from my relationship lord , I need your strength and power to renew my special men heard and soul , you know that we have the problems to deal with and you know that the depression is not from you lord , I am so in dispread need of your healing in both our sides of it . Please lord renews our love to each other and repairs our body mind and soul. please lord I beg of you , as I am a broken men and feel that the darkness has removed the love and joy that we have shared once , lord you are my only hope joy and strength , I need you more than ever , lord he means everything to me and I cannot walk away from this lord . I ask of you know lord , to please send your angels to repair protect and heal this men mind body and soul , please lord send your angels with flaming swards to protect your mouths and minds before we speak a curse on to each other . allow this men to feel your love and strength again , allow his to feel my love and true feeling for his again , remove the walls from his heard and mind lord and bring joy and love back to our mind body and soul again , I ask of you lord please hear my cry and look inside my soul and see what I am going throe, I cannot battle like this alone any more lord , help this men as he is my husband to my love, and , I need of your light to show his that love is not a sickness but a gift and of your true power lord , I have no ware to run or ask of strength but lord , I ask of you to allow his to love me as I love him , remove his past and depression from her body and soul lord , pure his mind and allow his to enjoy the true power of love with his women that love his so , I beg of you this lord , we have so many problems , as whatever I do is just not right my lord , I need you now lord.

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