Prayer for remission

by Yesenia (Nj)

Dear God ,

I pray that you restore my health. Tomorrow i have a scan to determine if the chemo I’ve been taking has worked to then moving forward to have a stem cell transplant . I have faith in you my lord that you will heal me because you are only healer .

I am a mommy of three kids and i all i want is to be a mom to my kids because lord you have me those blessings . Don’t allow this disease to take me from them o lord . Please allow me heal lord and that i may have good news about my scan . Lord heal me protect me through this difficult journey .God is first in my life .

I have faith that in the power of the God i will come out of all of this and will continue to help others and raise my kids .please everyone help me pray . Please lord help me . I can’t do it without you lord . Amen and amen

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