Prayer for relocation for my job – my house back home

by Jeannie S. (Newark, NJ)

I ask for Our Lord to guide the realtor who also loves you deeply to help me get the repairs done to sell my beloved home as my job brings me to a new state. I am working through this on my own and from afar.

The wonderful job opportunity happened so quickly. However there are serious repairs that need remediate in order to sell my house. I cannot afford to keep it and maintain a new residence in my new state of residence. Lord I ask for your hand to lead the way – I cannot afford all of the repairs at once and am fearful I may have to pay a huge sum of money because I owe more on my mortgage than what I will receive on the house.

Anyone who reads this – I just ask that you pray for me as I am trying very hard not to let the worries take over – I know my Lord will lead the way in this matter as HE does in everything in my life. Thank you and may God bless you as HE has so deeply blessed me.