Prayer for relief of financial burden

Dear God,

I am sorry to bother you as there are many people that have much greater needs than I but at this time I am feeling down and do not have peace of mind. I pray to you for relief of debt so I can get a safer car as mine is on it’s last legs so to speak and I don’t have money to repair the cracked head gasket or to even get a new used car. The relief of my burden of debt would allow me to help my elderly mom as well and to help my husband with his medical bills since his health is not so good. I am fortunate in other ways so I am very grateful for a loving husband, family and friends. I promise I will help the unfortunate, give to my family and save any money I can for when the time comes for repairs and more medical bills. I want no harm to come to any one I love nor myself but just to have the peace of mind of having a better car, pay off all that I owe and help my family. They have been good to me and I would like to make their lives easier if I can. I love you and my faith doesn’t waiver any regardless if I receive this gift as I am blessed in many ways. I thank you for hearing my request. Love your Daughter

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