Prayer for relief from physical and emotional suffering

by Cheryl (USA)

Blessed Saint Jude,Please hear my prayers for my daughter.She has gone through much physical and emotional pain incoherent young life.Presently she had a procedure excruciating back pain and it lead to a complication where she has intolerable headaches and is unable to get out of bed.She has also been struggling emotionally in her life .She is fighting off depression.

Things have been very trying in her life.We recently lost our family dog after being with him for 16 years.He was her best friend.In addition her significant other has been treating her poorly and she is trying to free herself from that addition ,her handicapped grandmother lives with us and is very difficult to manage.She was helping her before her back problem started.I myself have been dealing with the vicious cycle of chronic back pain and this compassionate daughter of mine was helping me too.I pray to keep my present job and keep working so I can help both her and her brother my daughter tries to be there for everyone.She is kind and compassionate she does for others asking nothing in return.I am praying for relief from her spinal headaches pray that nothing else happens to her.

I pray for relief of her back pain.God.Please grant her the physical and emotional healing.Please give her the strength to deal with this.She also has the disability ADD and has able to attend college and achieve good grades now.She tries so hard at school and now it is time for exams and she is missing school.Please heal her so she can take her exams for this is weighing heavily upon her. She has tried so hard .

She wants to be a Special Ed teacher so she can help children like herself with learning disabilities.Help her to grow and mature despite these setbacks.Free her from that person in her life so that he does not cause her further emotional pain.This person is harmful to her and takes advantage of her innocence and her loving nature and is adding to her suffering.Please also give me the strength I need both physically and mentally to help her.St.Jude,Dear Lord,Blessed Virgin please hear my prayers.

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