Prayer for relief from depression and restoration of love

by Brianna (New York)

Dear Father in Heaven,

Please have mercy on my soul as I continue to go through the motions of a hopefully temporary separation . Please bless me and shower me with your grace O’ Lord . I have been suffering from depression due to the constant let downs in my love life . I just rekindled the flame with my 8 year ex and out of nowhere we got into an argument and it has never been this bad before. Please restore love into our minds and forgiveness into our soul so that we will be able to rekindle the flame that burns brightly in my heart. Guide us so that we may not run away from our problems and that we remember what made us love each other to begin with . Please heal my Heart as my body feels physical pain from this and my mind is suffering from terrible thoughts.Father please hold my hand and manifest a blessing or a miracle in my life to wash this unbearable pain away. I trust in you and love you. In Jesus’s name I pray .


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