Prayer for release of my daughter from abusive and sinful relationship

by Magdalena (Seattle, WA)

O holy Lord, you alone know how much my daughter has suffered in the past, only to end up leaving home and living with an abusive addict.

You alone know how my heart aches for her to know you completely, be healed of the past, and renounce the devil and leave the sick situation in which she lives.

I ask you again, and will not cease to ask, that you transform her by the renewing of her mind, fill her with the Holy Spirit, and leave this man who is a poison sent by the enemy to destroy her. I ask in faith now that she leave him, never to return and cling to you, the author of true and unconditional love.

I ask that she would awaken as from slumber, and feel your healing hand and know that you are her Father: for you are a father to the fatherless.

I implore you to be the love in her life that she has never before experienced. I am begging you grant her strength, faith and wisdom to take the actions necessary to be free from all evil.

I pray this believing in faith that it will be done. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

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