Prayer for release of God Almightys blessing over me and my family

by Pieter (South Africa)


please help me pray for my business that all the quotes become succesfull sales. please help me pray for the house we paid a deposit on be released in God holy name that there be no further hold back it has been 6 moinths since we paid the deposit (its an insolvent property that my dad lives) verytime we think all goes well there is a nother set back. i need helpform prayer warriors to ask God,Jesus and the Holy spirit to release this family home for us. we had to move out to protect my finances from paying occupational rent.

but it has been now taking to long and the evil one is getting to involved in this making it all go wrong. Help me boind his evil workings so Gods Blessing s can shine through loud and proud so we may proclaim that house our business and our whole live as only Gods blessing and power that provided.

I am now standing asking for help because my Father God said that where there two or more gather in my name there i am whether i am in south africa and everyone else in the rest of the world prayers can spread over long distances.

as a christian brother i bless you in the name of the Father , the son and the holy spirit.

thank you


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